Sophie B portrait

Meet SophieB!

Sophie is a 6 year old model, actress, and lover of all things fashion from Southern California.  She loves the way that clothes can express her mood and make her shine!  Sophie picks out all of her own outfits, shoes and accessories.

When Sophie isn’t trying all the latest fashions, she loves acting and modeling.  She can be found on a few Disney ads and she has starred in severall commercials.

Sophie loves exploring and traveling and she loves the city.  Her favorite city is LA, but her second favorite is Boston where she frequently visits.  Join Sophie and check out all of her fashion tips, ideas, and adventures.


Looking for someone to try your product for rock your threads?


Sophie specializes in campaigns relating to fashion, travel, and family. From trying out new products to representing them on her travels, Sophie will bring a new sense of excitement to your campaign.

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